Single Molecule Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Microscopy for Complex Spin Systems

Develop and optimize the integration of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) with resonant, high-frequency electromagnetic excitation and readout techniques for atomic resolution capabilities in NMR spectroscopy

Design and construct a single-molecule Magnetic Resonance Microscopy (MRM) technology that enables the identification of 3D-chemical structures of complex molecules with (sub)-molecular spatial resolution

Develop the capability for 4D-NMR to operate in both vacuum and in-situ in liquid environments, surpassing the limitations of commercial NMRs and expanding its applicability

Implement synchronized magnetic pulse excitation to introduce the fourth dimension of dynamics, providing unprecedented insights into the behaviour and properties of individual molecules

Explore and demonstrate the potential impact of 4D-NMR technology in fields such as medical diagnostics, energy, the environment, and information technology

Investigate and uncover new understanding and possibilities in life science, materials science, and chemical applications by detecting and studying processes involving small amounts of chemical or biological molecules

Foster transformative advancements in scientific research and technological innovation through the successful realization and utilization of 4D-NMR technology