Single Molecule Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Microscopy for Complex Spin Systems

1st 4D-NMR Progress Meeting

Trieste, Italy - October 25, 2023

The 4D-NMR team recently concluded a successful 1st progress meeting in Trieste, Italy. The in-person gathering facilitated deep connections and robust international collaboration. Focused on technical work package advancements, partners presented their activities, leading to immediate discussions. The consortium has already submitted initial publications, and discussions included plans for utilizing project results and determining the project's future direction. The second day featured a visit to GTA's facilities, offering valuable insights into ongoing research. The 4D-NMR team emphasized the significance of in-person meetings in fostering collaboration. This assembly stands as a clear indication of the project's role as a pathfinder, leading the path for upcoming advancements in cutting-edge research and innovation.