Single Molecule Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Microscopy for Complex Spin Systems

Universitat de Valencia / Institut de Ciència Molecular

UVEG is a public research university located in the city of Valencia, Spain. It is regarded as one of Spain's leading academic institutions. It is one to the top five scientific centres in Spain in terms of scientific impact and production. The Molecular Science Institute (ICMol) is playing a key role in this respect. The research of ICMol ( focuses on molecular nanoscience and includes the design and study of new functional molecules and materials using a molecular approach. Located at the Scientific Park of the UVEG, ICMol employs more than 200 scientific researchers and houses the most advanced tools for the preparation, characterization and study of molecules, materials and devices. ICMol is one of the few Spanish research centers that has been distinguished by the Spanish MCIN as “Research Unit of Excellence”.

Role within 4D-NMR

Preparation of molecules and functional materials to, in a first step, test the technique and, in a second step exploit the technique to get useful electronic and magnetic information at the single-spin level (as for example, for studying internal magnetic fields or quasi-particle sensing in 2D magnetic materials). That includes the preparation of complex materials, ranking from functional spin molecules to extended 1D and 2D magnetic materials for their investigation in UHV conditions, as well as electroactive materials of interest for electrocatalysis to be studied in liquid media.

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